Our Lady of Wykrot


I came to Wyrkot to give you another chance, a chance for you and for others, who need these graces even more than you do. Through Poland, I want to show to the world that My Son wants to rule upon the entire Earth, and He will reign over it either with your consent or not. For the true worshipers of My Son, the day of His glory is a longed-for day. I urge you to prepare for that day. The prayer, for which I ask you, will prepare you to receive My Son. The rosary will clean your souls and bring over graces to the world, which is submerged in sin. You will receive one more sing. This sign will allow you to believe and to trust Me to the very end. Prepare through the penances for which I ask you, so you may be worthy.

Excerpt from the message of the Mother of God




Wykrot 2

I give into the hands of the Dear Reader the messages of the Mother of God that bring closer for Poland and the world the essence and the significance of apparitions, which the Mother of God gave in the years of 1990-2002 in Wykrot, Kurpie, in the eastern Mazovia.

The Mother of God, appearing in many places in the world, clearly indicates that She comes to win. The same is conveyed by the Mother of God in the Messages for the End Times that have already come forth, encouraging 6 years ago to a nightly pilgrimage to Wykrot. She said then: “I came to win, and who wants to help Me with this victory, let him follow you in this pilgrimage, because through prayer you will obtain great graces for the world.”

The victory of the Mother of God will be great, and Satan shattered. Reading through these 30 messages that explain the events in Wykrot from 25 years ago, before the eyes of the reader will appear the strategy of the Mother of God, and at the same time the encouragement directed to the people of the Church to fight in this time of great trial for the Church and the world. Listen to Mary, because “the time in which you live is the last part of the Holy Scriptures.”

The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek, Ph.D. Hab. 

Translated from: Przyszłam, żeby zwyciężyc. Grzechynia 2015, p. 3