Trinity by Aelst - DETAIL


God the Father is also a Father even for God, because from Him comes the Son. The same Father took man as a son, so who is man? Who God made him? This mystery will be revealed to those who will earn the Kingdom. This holy, unique vocation begins already on Earth in those, who put their trust in God. In His nature, God is a Father, and wishes for man to worship in Him this fatherhood. It is for us a grace and a honor, a call to glory.  To recognize this fatherhood upon oneself means – to adore it.


Man pronouncing from his heart the name ”Father”, professes at the same time: ”I believe that You sent into the world Your Son, so He may save me and recover for me Your Kingdom. Thus, I am a son in Christ, who paid with His life for this grace for me”. This is our faith. To call on God: ”Father”, is not an ordinary description of the Divine Person, but the profession of faith and love in the mercy of God, the profession of faith in the Divine Revelation, the profession of faith in Christ, the recognition of Jesus as the Savior, the acceptance of God’s Will and God’s plan, and finally – the adoration of the eternal design of the Father.

Excerpt from Compendium 4


  1. Fatherhood of God
  2. Man
  3. Will of God
  4. Justice of God
  5. Faith in God
  6. Trust in God
  7. Adoration of God in the soul

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014